Pull Chopper T-Power

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Product Description

Product Name                 :  Pull Chopper T-Power

Dimensions                     :  Dia. 12.5 cm x H 9.5 cm

Major Material(s)             :  Stainless Steel, TritanTM

Product Description:

-    Container made with TritanTM are safe for your family.

-    Durable and glass-like appeal.

-    Tri-blade design, just give the cord a one pulls to chop ingredients as 24 times.

-    Add the cut ingredients in the container, follow the need to repeat the pulling to control the expected result.

-    Lid has a lock on function, it can avoid foods are sprayed when pulling.

-    Non-slip base holds it steady.

-    Avoid contamination of food odor to fingers.

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