36cm The Woking Gourmet with side handle

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Product Description

Product Description:

-    Designed and developed with the German national culinary team and made in Germany.

-    Named The World's Best Pan by Germany's largest culinary association and by the European culinary association.

-    Cast aluminium construction is extreme durability.

-    5-layer with plasma titanium, ensures the pan is hard wearing and long lasting.

-    LOTAN coating has an excellent non-stick performance, short cooking time and less oil required means healthy food that retains vitamins and minerals.

-    Encapsulated base ensures quick, even heat distribution and energy efficiency as it retains the heat.

-    Dome shaped design of wok lid allows more room for cooking, improves heat circulation and lets steam condense and drops along the side, not on the food directly.

-    Knob with adjustable valve for better steam control and can serve as a tool rest.

-    Ergonomically designed handles made of bakelite and remains cool to the touch during cooking.

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