ON-&-OFF 28 cm Non-Stick Sauté Pan (INCLUDING WITH THE HANDLE)

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Product Description

Product Code                  : D0079

Dimensions                     : Dia. 28cm

Major Material(s)             : Aluminium, Stainless Steel & Tempered Glass

Finishing                          : Mirror - lid; Coating - pot

Designer                          : Mark Schulte, Amsterdam

Product Description:

-    Essential cookware item for the novice or experienced cook, ideal for pan-roast, braise, prepare flavorful pan sauces and more.

-    Non-stick coating ensures exceptional non-stick performance and is PFOA-free.

-    Using with patented detachable handle lock securely into place to carry pot; detach to create more space on stovetop and in storage cabinet.

-    The fixed side handle makes the pot into an elegant serving tool appropriate for any table.

-    Aluminium construction is extreme durability and excellent heat conduction.

-    Glass

lid allows you to monitor the food inside without disturbing the cooking process.

-    Suitable for various heat sources like gas, induction, electric, etc.

-    Part of ON-&-OFF Cookware Series

HKAI – Consumer Product Design Certificate of Merit

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